It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy eating corn. Aside from being tasty and filling, it’s a nutritious food that is low in fat and high in fiber. It’s also rich in vitamin C and protein.

In the olden days, it was a painstaking and laborious job to extract the kernels from the corncob. Hand injuries were pretty common among peasant families who had to shell corn. Fortunately, technological advancements paved the way for tools like theelectric corn sheller.

Although electric corn shellers have been replaced by combine-harvesters in developed nations like the United States, the electricity-powered corn sheller is still used in various countries particularly in developing nations. Electric corn shellers play an important role in the post—harvest production process.

An electric corn sheller also speeds up the process of removing the kernels from the cob; certainly faster than other traditional shelling methods.

Old Shelling Methods

Before the arrival of corn shellers, the only way to remove the maize from the corn is to press one’s thumbs on the grains so that these can be detached from the ears. Another way was to rub two ears of corn against each other.

While those methods may sound easy, these techniques were far from beingpainless. Aside from potentially causing injuries, these manual techniques were notoriously slow. A worker could only manually shell a few kilograms of corn an hour. The rate becomes even lower as time passes by, because the worker would be too tired to keep up with the same pace.

One alternative is the use of handheld shellers, which are often made of wood or metal. In this device, one hand will hold the cob while the other rotates the sheller around the cob so that the kernel would be removed. This method is a lot faster than manually extracting the grains, as a worker would be able to produce an output of up to 100 kilos per hour.

While the use of handheld shellers is a lot faster than kernel removal by hand, it is still not as fast and efficient as the use of a motorized or electric corn sheller.

Electric Corn Shellers

Electric corn shellers can remove corn kernels in just a matter of seconds. These machines ideal for industrial use, where efficiency, ease in operation, and reliable quality are desired.

In many countries, electric corn shellers are offered as a service by private enterprises with mobile machines.
There are many benefits that farmers and manufacturers can get fromhaving a motorized corn sheller:

  1. It’s easy to use. Usually, the ears of dry corn are slid into the front opening. In around two to three seconds, the kernels will be removed, while the cleaned cobs are ejected out at the opening. The sheller can process ears as fast as the user feeds them in.
  2. It’s versatile. A motorized corn sheller can take on ears of any size. The separator usually works on ears of all sizes, meaning there’s no adjustment necessary. Moreover, the depth of threshing and stripping rate can be adjusted as well.
  3. It can help reduce labor costs. There’s no need to hire multiple laborers or workers for removing kernels off the corn cob. This translates to savings on the part of the farmer or entrepreneur. Moreover, it has provided a more humane way of shelling corn as farmers or workers are relieved from the heavy manual labor.
  4. It’s very efficient. Unlike the use of handheld corn shellers which require the user to be skilled so he can achieve a high production rate, a motorized corn sheller can have a yield of as high as 100 kilos/in per hour. This can be attributed to the use of powerful motors.
  5. It’s movable. Most motorized corn shellers have adjustable legs for leveling. Others have pivoting rubber feet. This makes the machine valuable in communities in rural areas, where moving a corn sheller from one place to another is often necessary.
  6. It’s durable. Stainless steel is normally the material used for this type of machine, making it durable. The construction and design benefits the user as the machine will likely last for a long time.

But the electric corn sheller is far from perfect. It has its own share of disadvantages although the pros outweigh the cons.

One of the disadvantages is that it usually costs a lot of money. The handheld corn sheller can be bought for as low as $15. But an electric corn sheller will cost you at least $200. Yet one can argue that for its efficiency, an electric corn sheller is worth the initial amount of investment.


Corn shellers also tend to be aggressive in removing kernel from the cob that the kernels may crack. Grain damage can affect the price, food quality, and feed quality of the corn kernel. Moreover, it can make the grain more susceptible to pest infestation.

Finally, electric corn sheller isn’t the most practical equipment used for removing corn grains in rural areas where there’s no electricity. Diesel-powered corn shellers are more suited for these areas.

Where to Buy One

The Internet is the best place to find an electric corn sheller. Sites like Amazon and Alibaba, an online store based in China, are good places to browse when you’re hunting for an electric corn sheller unit.

To say that the electric corn sheller was an important machine in the past is an understatement. With it, farmers and even households didn’t have to manually remove the kernels from the cob and shelling corn was done at a much faster rate. Electric corn shellers are also valued around the world because these are highly efficient, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and very compact machines.