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by Mark on February 22, 2013

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EZ Creamer is the fastest and easiest way to shell and make a whole kernel corn or cream style corn. The product includes the following; corn shucker, corn cutter, corn creamer, corn scraper and corn zipper.

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If you are looking for an easy way to make creamed corn, you can now do so by using the EZ Creamer. This new gadget will help you save both energy and time while doing a perfect job. This smart kitchen gadget swiftly removes corn kernels from a cob and creams them. The EZ Creamer uses groundbreaking technology that simplifies one of the most laborious tasks in the kitchen.

When preparing creamed corn, all you need to do is put your trust in this new kitchen gadget and your job will be done. The device not only cuts, shells and creams the corn, it also removes the silk and the husk.

Here is a review that speaks of the various features and benefits of this incredible kitchen gadget. You can also read the claims of the product and its reviews to see if EZ Creamer is the thing you are looking for, so you can make creamed corn easily and without the troubles you had to undergo earlier.

Features of EZ Creamer

EZ Creamer attaches itself easily and effortlessly to the working area with the help of two simple mounting screws. The device has two circular tubes. The one at the bottom is used to shuck and silk the corn and the second tube which is on the top is used for creaming the corn. The gadget first removes the husk, once done it proceeds to shell and cream the corn.

Product Claims of EZ Creamer

  • The EZ Creamer effortlessly silks and shucks corn off the cob.
  • The appliance can be used to cream the corn and/or remove kernels.
  • It is a heavy duty, robust and sturdy appliance that will operate without malfunctioning for years to come.
  • The parts within the tool are made from food grade materials and there is no risk of food contamination or harm to human health from using the appliance.
  • The gadget can use a drill that goes up to 1800+RPM.

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How to Use EZ Creamer

The device is very simple to use. To begin with, the two ends of the corn need to be sliced off. The cut must go through each shuck, especially on the broader end. The creamer does not come with a drill machine and that has to be purchased separately.

The drill bit is inserted into the broader end of the cob and the loose end fixed into the drill motor. The same is then tightened with the help of the chuck. The corn of cob is then placed into the bottom of the tube with the brush placed above it. When the drill is switched on the corn cob starts rotating clock wise inside the tube. The cob must simultaneously be moved up and down against the brush inside the tube as this removes the shuck and silk on the whole cob.

To cut the corn the cob will need to be placed inside the top tube of the EZ Creamer. The drill is once again switched on and run in the clock wise direction, so the corn can be creamed. Running the drill anti clockwise releases the bare cob from the drill bit.

Benefits of EZ Creamer

  1. The Creamer comes with various attachments required for different steps in preparing creamed corn.
  2. A single gadget allows you to remove the silk, cut the corn and cream it too.
  3. This is by far the best tool available in the market for creaming as well as shucking corn.
  4. It is a small, portable, easy to use, easy to store and easy to clean device.
  5. The device is made from stainless steel and polyvinyl chloride which are generally used in kitchen appliances.

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User Reviews of EZ Creamer

Those who have used EZ Creamer to prepare their favorite creamed corn have had only positive things to share. According to satisfied customers of the EZ Creamer, creaming corn was never so easy. The device takes away the drudgery of preparing the corn to make a dish. The creamed corn has a lovely texture and it retains its flavor.

Another feature appreciated by users is that it is not bulky and can be easily stored in the kitchen. It does not require much maintenance and is truly worth its price

Here are the basic steps in using EZ Creamer:

  1. Mount the EZ Creamer to a plywood table using the mounting screws.
  2. Cut booth end of the corn. (Note: Make sure to cut through all the shucks. Also, EZ Chopper is sold separately.)
  3. Install the included cob screw and tighten with the shuck. (Note: Drill is not included.)
  4. Using the drill, screw the cob screw into the large end of the cut corn.
  5. Then, insert the corn into the EZ Creamer corn shucker tube.
  6. Using the drill in a clockwise motion, move the corn up and down against the brush.
  7. If the corn is already free from all corn shucks and silk, insert the corn in the EZ Creamer cream style corn cutter or whole corn cutter.
  8. Run the drill until the corn is creamed or shelled.
  9. Finally, reverse the drill to unscrew the corn cob.


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