Antique Corn Shellers

by Mark on February 12, 2012

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A corn sheller works to separate the corn kernels from the cob. The dry ears of the corn scrape on the shelling gear which removes the kernels. The kernels can then be used for corn meals or to feed farm animals such as chickens, ducks, and geese as well as for planting new corn crops.

Corn shellers were popularly used by many farmers until the 1950s. Most corn shellers then were made from cast iron and heavy wood making it ideal for antique collectors. The best designs have the kernels falling below on a tray and the cobs are dispensed at the side after being shelled.

Types of Antique Corn Shellers

There are basically two types of antique corn shellers. The smaller one is handy and holds one corn at a time while a larger sheller can be fed huge quantities of corn. There are also models that have two holes. All types are operated by hand and works like a mill with spikes inside the machine.

Advantages of Antique Corn Shellers

Manual corn shellers were found to be used as early as 1800s. Antique items like these were made with the finest materials and you’ll be surprised that most of the antique corn shellers up for sale are still working to this day. Antique farm tools rarely need parts replacement and fixing because they are manually operated.

Antique items are always a good conversation piece. You can boast of the item’s history, when it was manufactured and the durability of its materials.

Where to Buy Antique Corn Shellers

It is always best to buy antique items in antique stores so you can examine them in person. However, if you are unable to find one near your area, the internet is the perfect place to scour for one. There are numerous websites that sell antique and used farm equipments. eBay is also a place where former owners put up their antique tools for sale.

Tips On Purchasing Online

When purchasing online, you have to be vigilant because there is always a risk. The item may not be in the best condition as the seller says or worse, it is a bogus transaction or a scam to get your credit card details. Here are some tips to ensure safe shopping online.

Always check the seller’s reputation. Better Business Bureau or BBB has the ability to give a website’s background. A search engine like, Google, yahoo or Bing will also help. Type the retailer or seller’s name and you may get some information.

Comments in forums, blogs or sites are extremely helpful. You should also consider how long the retailer has been in business. But being fairly new does not necessarily mean they can’t be trusted, you will just have to be extra careful.

Online payment is through credit card and you should make sure the server of the website is secure before entering your credit card details. An https:// on the browser before the website means the site is secure. If possible, ask for a contact number where you can dictate your details.

Lastly, it is best to purchase from a seller that has a return policy in case the item is defective. Some retailers will give a number of limits in their policy and this may not be a good sign.

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